Ethical Questions Cloud Republican-backed School Board candidates running in the Democratic Primary

  • Working for School District Contractor: Beth Suchsland voted for $307,000 in no-bid contracts for a school district vendor, Public Financial Management, the last time she was on the School Board. Suchsland then accepted a job working for Public Financial Management. Now Suchsland wants to come back onto the school board while continuing to work for Public Financial Management.
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  • Lawsuits: Susan Moore’s family has been trying to build a Super Wawa on property they own. Their efforts have cost taxpayers in the Colonial School District
    hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills as the community tries to fight the development.

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  • Attacked Teachers: Susan Moore has attacked teachers to get elected. As a Republican candidate for School Board running with the former Whitemarsh Republican Party Chair, Moore based her campaign on political attacks against teachers.
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  • Republican PAC Contributions: Susan Moore accepted $5,000 from the Republican Party and $8,000 from a PAC linked to President Trump.
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An Important Message from the Democratic Party

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Susan Moore accepted over $13,000 in campaign contributions from the Republican Party.

  • Susan Moore accepted a $5,000 campaign contribution from the Montgomery County Republican Committee.
  • Susan Moore accepted an $8,000 campaign contribution from Greater Opportunities for Pennsylvanians (GOP) — a PAC funded by Republican National Committeeman Robert Asher’s Pennsylvania Future Fund PAC. Asher was Donald Trump’s chief fundraiser in Pennsylvania.
  • Susan Moore and her running mates are being supported by Whitemarsh Republican Chairman Terence Martin, Conshohocken Republican Chairman Joe Ferrigno, and Montgomery County Republican Committee Executive Director Jim Saring (of Plymouth). They helped The Moore Team get on the ballot, launch their campaign and have been supporting their events.
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  • Susan Moore and her running mates, Chris Epstein, Beth Patruno, Cathy Peduzzi, and Beth Suchsland brought on a long-time Republican leader to serve as the Treasurer of their 2019 School Board team.
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